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NITRO, the public-company backed cryptocurrency for the games industry, announces airdrop to holders of current video-game tokens.

NNS has opted to bypass a public token sale and airdrop a portion of the total NNC supply to NEO holders.Any tokens remaining after 40 days will be burned. - Mac, May 2018 - Android, June 2018 - iOS,.With Scavenger Hunt Token we provide an interesting and educational,.Blockpass taps Infinito Wallet for 2M PASS Token Airdrop ahead of Listing. and has just released the third version of its platform in Google Android and Apple iOS.

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Update: Kucoin announced they will support the ONT airdrop as well.


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WAX would like to share some of what we have been building recently, specifically how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will interact with the WAX Blockchain, and, how the.Report: Apple has three iPhones on the way but struggled to name them.

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My token contract is already deployed so I want to make a new.

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With WAX, millions of individuals can create new businesses based on their passion for video games offering buy, sell, rent, or trade.I wrote a smart contract where It should allow to fund contract with some ethereum and erc20 token that.

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Therewill be an airdrop soon where EOS holders who own 100 tokens will receive an equal amount of eosDAC tokens. Apple Updates.

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